MegaPirateNG Documentation

APM:Plane - Connecting your components

The documentation uses a Crius V2 as example flight controller, but the Pin number is the same for all flight controllers.

Connecting the RC Input

By default MegaPirateNG uses PPM RC Input.

Connect your PPM RC Receiver to Pin A8 on your flight controller.

RC Channels no PPM

If you want to use a non PPM RC Receiver you need to change your RC Input Type Configuration and connect the RC Receiver like this.

Pin Channel
A8 Yaw / Rudder
A9 Pitch / Elevator
A10 Throttle
A11 Aileron
A15 Mode Switch

RC Channels no PPM

Motor and Servos

Connection for a 4 channels plane setup.

Pin Channel
D2 Motor
D3 Ailerons
D5 Rudder
D6 Elevator

Motor and Servos for 4 channel Plane setup